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About John Kippen

John Kippen is a motivational speaker, professional magician, a CEO and leader of a multi-million dollar grossing bi-coastal I.T. support company as well as a certified life and success coach. John’s 12 + year journey of recovering from the trauma of having his face paralyzed after an Acoustic Neuroma brain tumor removal surgery, has allowed him to triumph over adversity. John uses the stories and lessons from his journey to inspire audiences in his speaking and magic performances. Many clients can be heard saying, "If John can do it, so can I!”

John's Approach to Life Coaching

John uses his experience in these fields above to assist in his coaching practice bringing real world insights to his coaching conversations to help his clients discover what might be holding them back from achieving their goals and dreams. He is patient and an out-of-the-box thinker who loves to brainstorm with his clients to develop customized solutions to resolve problems. His coaching approach involves thought provoking and open ended questioning techniques along with insightful exercises to allow his clients to come to their own breakthroughs. This approach is the secret to his success in getting his clients “Out of their heads” and taking action which provides excellent results in short order.
John believes Success is different for each of his clients and involves adjusting one’s mindset in order to align their goals with the proper actions to build self confidence. Success can take many forms, financial, spiritual, health and happiness. The key is that no one else but you should dictate your definition of success.

John has run his I.T. support Company for 30+ years where he has led his teams of engineers both in Los Angeles and New York. John is a huge advocate of diversity and inclusion being fueled from his past medical challenges. John fostered teamwork and is never afraid to roll up his sleeves and help out when the project needs his expertise. John instilled confidence in his I.T. clients by being honest and putting the clients needs above his. Some of his clients have been with John and his company for more than 30 years. which is very rare in the tech industry. As a leadership coach, John shares his time-tested methods and secrets that have made him successful.

As a professional magician, John has worked with some of the best in the business, including the legendary Doug Henning and Robert 'Bob' Fitch, who strongly influenced his Coaching style. As a Coach, John uses his creative problem solving skills to develop custom routines with his audiences as metaphors for his messages of overcoming adversity and being different is your superpower. When you work with John, the sessions are not about learning new effects as much as answering the questions “Why did you choose performing Magic as your artform?” and “What do you want to share about yourself through your magic?” John is a firm believer that audiences leave magic performances not remembering the specifics of a trick, but how you made them feel, and what they learn about themselves from his illusions and stories. He works to find his students' life passions and help custom create magic presentations that communicate who they are as human beings.

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John, you are an inspiration! You have helped me to accept whatever is thrown my way. - Shannen D.
I just had the most amazing coaching conversation with John Kippen! Thank you, John, for sharing your wisdom. You have touched my heart today in letting me know that people really do care, even those you have never met before. Thank you so very much for your kindness! - Angelina H.
I have been working with John Kippen as a coach for a while now. I love John's passion and ability to help me Share my heart through my art . I love this man! - Edmund A.
You helped guide me through some ways of thinking that have been "stuck" there for a long time and I've gotten to release them, thanks to your guidance! Also, a HUGE thank you for the idea for MAGAN Method Coaching !! That unlocked something inside me that is allowing me to move forward on this path. I will never forget that. - Magan G.
My two experiences with John as a Magic Coach were fantastic. In the first case, I really needed some simple direction - and that's exactly what he gave me. In the second case, I needed to improve one effect and he gave me a quick fix and a longer range approach. John was great to work with in both instances - and provided me exactly with what I needed! - George R.
Every time I talk with John I am inspired to achieve more, help more, go the extra mile for others and be a better person. He has my highest recommendation! - Bill B.
John stayed with me the whole night putting an amazing change in my attitude and life, I was so positive and determined to beat this that the next morning on we fought and beat this terrible disease for the 3rd time, John stayed in touch the whole fight and was, I believe, a little more happy than I was when results said no cancer, gone!! John Kippen I owe you more than you could ever realize, Magic can heal. - Ron C.
How do you define someone who unselfishly provides their unique ability to understand and connect with your personal performance style in just two words? Someone who will influence your magic, enabling an emotional connection that will be remembered by your audiences, not only for your performance but for how you made them feel during your event. I can tell you from personal experience that ultimately allowed me to fulfill my dream of being a featured close-up performer at the Magic Castle; the two words are John Kippen. - James B.

"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be."
Ralph Waldo Emerson